Google is out to penalize Spam back-links to your site

SEOHitting the SEO news headlines today by multiple sources was Virool a video marketing firm penalized for too many back-links too fast with appeared to Google to be unnatural and spam trying to force their ranking position ahead of the competition.

Do a quick Google search for Virool today (at time of writing) and the only returns you’ll see are their own sponsored ad and social network pages. Why? Well it appears that Google has decided that the high number of bad back-links to their site deserved a disciplinary measure – and removed it from the index.

It was noted several weeks ago the even Wikipedia had suffered some loss in it’s ranking.
There is good associated with trying to eliminate the spam but there is also a point at which Google can wipe out your business overnight as well, and many charge the search engine giant of over reaching and using their power of putting their own personal decisions and money making system ahead of the best interest of the internet community.
There is always the alternate of Bing, Yahoo and others, but as long as people choose to search the other platforms Google will remain king.  After all this is a capitalistic society and the gold rules, or as said another way he who has the gold makes the rules.
Just my opinion…