As a WordPress designer and developer I have been using a security plugin to avoid all the malicious attacks from hackers on the internet.  An email message from server:

Your website, Doug's View of the Web & Life, is undergoing a brute force attack.

There have been at least 50 failed attempts to log in during the past 120 minutes that used one or more of the following components:

Component                    Count     Value from Current Attempt
------------------------     -----     --------------------------------
Network IP                      50     188.134.65
Username                        50     admin
Password MD5                     1     3350b4dd2a9ef80448eeb78b6ed0a691

The Login Security Solution plugin (0.42.0) for WordPress is repelling the attack by making their login failures take a very long time.  This attacker will also be denied access in the event they stumble upon valid credentials.

Further notifications about this attacker will only be sent if the attack stops for at least 120 minutes and then resumes.

You can get this plugin here Login Security Solution

These hackers have great talent and amazing intelligence but they use their brain power in destructive and disruptive ways.  I have read that some of the smartest people in the world are criminals, also some of the dumbest.  I think the typical hacker is a hybrid.  They are super smart but sitting in their little home based cubicles with no real excitement in life trying to cause chaos on the internet reflecting their own inner turmoil and distorted view of reality.

The Many Faces of the Hacker

They are not able to effectively experience any type of normal relationship and their addictions to the internet and most likely games of violence leads them to practice their own form of international terrorism.   They experience endorphin flows and excitement of almost orgasmic proportions as the try and pillage and plunder good working peoples lives by hacking in  and destroying their work and life’s accomplishments on the internet.

In my case hacking into my site must yield a very flat experience, leaving them with only satisfaction that they took down another ant hill in the midst of the Sahara Desert.  Thirsting as they go digging for the mound of riches, only to be as the heroin addict unfilled within minutes seeking another needle to plunge deep in their veins hoping for another rush, but finding each time it gets harder and harder to find satisfaction.

Minority Report SpidersNow with this demanding growing need to find that euphoric state  they setup the spiders now wandering all over the universe of internet like in the Minority Report when the cyber spiders look for him in the tub, the hackers are looking for victims.   Which leads to the point that now the hackers satisfaction is even farther removed from his own personal experience and only in the deep recesses of his groveling Gullum world were he cannot he find some satisfaction.

GULLUM’s World View

This hacker is having cosmic thoughts of battling Luke Skywalker and his Galactic  forces wearing his Darth Vador costume and watching his 12 monitors like Houston’s Mission Control room.
Luke Skywalker

He is his own master, visualizing the destruction of the world and him alone reigning supreme and not seeing the reality of his Mini Me reflection in his distorted mirror as he ask:  Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the greatest hacker of them all.  While this sideshow curved mirror reflects a huge beast of incredible proportions and strength.  Having before smashed all flat mirrors, as they display his one dimensional reality, speaking back that  the life in his mind is not the real world which exposes the lie of  his polished aluminum world view.

The missing mirrors he says are because his other personality of a vampire find the realty reflected by these normal panes of glass cannot even show the greatness of spectacular form and reveal the true nature of which the material world cannot reveal.  His nature is too complex and his mind is beyond the normal reality of the mire mortal pitied human that dwells in his cyber closet world.

Received this email Sept 9, 2013

 Someone just logged into your ‘admin’ account at Oh Yah! DotCom Secrets Review. Was it you that logged in? We are asking because the site happens to be under attack at the moment. To ensure your account is not being hijacked, you will have go through the ‘Lost your password?’ process before logging in again. If it was NOT YOU, please do the following right away: * Send an email to XXXXXXXXXXX  letting them know it was not you who logged in.

I swear by that plugin.  Even though it is a little pain in the butt as is logs you out after 15 mins when using it… that’s a minor irritation over having your site go down.

You can get this plugin here Login Security Solution